The art of tantric massage is impossible to look past once you connect with these experiences and pleasures, so I will always invite you into my temple. This is the one corner of the world where you can switch off and escape anything that is on your mind, always safe in the knowledge that pleasure is coming. Why would you wish this out of your life when it can be yours from the moment you walk through the door? Tantra enriches life with a whole new dimension of love, pleasure and fulfillment. It’s a chance to escape the here and now, the hustle and bustle and the constant stress. Once you do, you’ll find your sensations, relationships and experiences in the rest of your life are elevated in a truly timeless way.


This Tantra session includes : Relaxing music, Fingertops, nails, body woreship from head to toe with long and soft magic touches with high quality oil (massage), B2B, Lingam massage fires the kundalini to move up in the body, Ejaculation control techniques, edging with a mindblowing climax.


  • 1 hour 2000 aed
  • 1.5 hour 3000 aed


This tantra session includes : relaxing music, meditation, connecting energies, breating session, lotus position meditation cuddle, connecting off the chakra’s, fingertops, massage from head to to0 with soft and caring touches with oil, B2B, ejaculation control techniques, lingam massage that fires up the kundalini up in the body, edging with a climax.  

Sessions from 3  hours includes spooning + bathing rituals can be performed in your hotelroom only. 

  • 2 hours 4500 aed
  • 3  hours 5500 aed
  • 4  hours 6500 aed
  • 5  hours 7500 aed


This tantra session includes : Bathing rituals with candles and relaxing music, meditation, connecting energies, breathing techniques, lotus position meditation cuddle, connecting off the chakra’s, fingertops, massage from head to too with tantric magic touches with oil, B2B, ejaculation control techniques, lingam massage, edging with a mindblowing climax. 

This session will be performed 2 times in the evening before bedtime and in the morning before breakfast. 
Or if you take a day sessioon,  after lunch one session and after dinner one session. 



  • 12 hours 10000 aed


The perfect weekend with the perfect Tantra Coach/Therapist where we dive into a deeper connection of Tantra. 
I can be the perfect companion for you combined with exclusive Tantra sessions in this 2 days. We will build up endless kundalini energy and keep it flowing into your body. 
It will relax, unwind and feed your soul and you will feel totally renewed. 

Also available for longer Tantric Staycations or Tantra Hollidays. 

  • 24 hours 15.000 aed 
  • 2   days 28.000  aed 
  • 3   days 39.000  aed
  • 4   days 47.000 aed 


Are you visiting Dubai for a business trip and you are looking for a beautiful companion on your side? 
I offer exclusive Dinner and unique Tantra Massage in this vibrant city. 

A great dinner in a fancy restaurant you will enjoy my companionship follow up by a relaxing tantra massage in your hotelroom is a perfect way to enjoy and spend your evening! 

  • 4 hours 5000 aed 2 hours dinner + 2 hours massage
  • 5 hours 6000 aed 2 hours dinner + 3 hours massage + bathing ritual
  • 6 hours 7000 aed 3 hours dinner + 3 hours massage + bathing ritual 


Tantra massage will be performed by 2 European masseuses, with oil from head to too, with long strokes and soft touches,  b2b, ejaculation control techniques and lingam massage. 

  • 1 hour 5500 aed
  • 1.5 hour 7500 aed
  • 2 hour 10.000 aed

Lounge + Tantra Massage

Are you looking to have a drink in a nice hotel bar or fancy lounge with a beautiful companion on your side?
Followed up with a nice Tantra massage session in your relaxing hotel room. 

  • 2 hour   3500 aed 3o min drink + 1,5 h tantric massage
  • 3 hours 4500 aed 1 hour drink + 2 hours tantra session 


Payment of the treatments i accept in cash only AED, i accept other currency’s too as Euro, Dollars there will be a extra charge added for the exchange rate, i don’t accept creditcards. 


Why my fees are so high?
I offer a therapeutic and high quality service my fees reflect to serve the most demanding clients with high standards. I don’t offer any discounts

I only offer outcall to your private residence and from 4 stars hotels only.